What's On Arthur's Shelves?

Web 1.0 aesthetic, present-day content.


Hello! This is my page on Neocities, a site that combines all the DIY charm and Web 1.0 simplicity of GeoCities without all the ads.

I'm not a "technology bad, future bad, everything that isn't how I remember it from decades ago is bad" kind of guy. I'm active on more modern flavours of Internet too. But I think the rush to embrace the novelty of social media and the fashion for fancier, more technically advanced websites has its downsides, and one of them is Web 1.0 sites going out of fashion. There's something said for properly marrying form to function, and not every page needs to load a bunch of scripts and cookies and whatnot. Sometimes, you just want a site which has a bunch of documents linked together with hypertext and which isn't hooked into a system designed to generate feedback loops of commentary and dogpiling.

In classic "Web 1.0 kid who just signed up for Geocities" style, I don't have an immediate overarching plan for what I am going to do with this, but for the time being it's going to be a handy link page pointing at my other stuff.

Links To My Other Content

Hobby and Fandom Blogs

The blogging bug bit me comparatively late in life, but I got into writing articles about my thoughts on a range of different subjects back when I was writing for the now-shuttered Ferretbrain site. These days my long-form articles tend to appear on one of three different blogs.

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